Nowadays, due to huge urbanization, the concept of compact living spaces has become quite popular. One of the most common sizes for congested residential properties is 5 marla houses. To live in such a house in a peaceful manner requires proper 5 Marla house designs.

This comprehensive blog post will discuss some important points to maximize your 5 Marla house space and help you get the most optimum design. If you have a plan to construct a house in such dimensions, it’ll be a pretty helpful content piece for you.

Understanding 5 Marla House Design in Pakistan

Before we start explaining different tips and techniques to get the best for 5 Marla house design in Pakistan, it is essential to understand this living space. Although a 5 Marla plot can vary in different regions of Pakistan, it is quite a compact space for a residential building. Constructing a house on a 5 Marla space could be quite challenging. It requires proper planning and design to get the best out of it.

Space Optimization Techniques

1). Efficient Floor Plan Layouts

The most crucial point to get the best 5 Marla house design is to plan efficient floor layouts. What you can do here is to create fewer walls and follow the open concept design. It will help the building look more spacious and visually expand the space.

2). Smart Storage Solutions

In a 5 Marla house design, every inch counts. It is quite important to have storage options like cabinets and shelves. So, what is crucial here is to construct vertical storage options like hidden cabinets and built-in storage. Moreover, you can also purchase furniture which has more drawers and shelves.

3). Maximizing Natural Light and Ventilation

Ventilation, including large windows and glass walls, can help you get more natural light in your home. So, while making a 5 Marla house design, make more windows and openings on the outer wall. This way, you will get maximum natural light, making your home look more spacious.

Interior Design and Decor

Interior design is another important factor that can help give your house a wider and more open look. Choosing the right color scheme for your 5 Marla house will create the illusion of more space. Lighter colors are considered as the best option in the compact living spaces.

Moreover, you should also purchase the furniture, which is space-saving, along with the storage options. You can also use mirrors and reflective spaces in your rooms, which will give a larger and brighter feeling. So, plan the interior design and decor carefully, as it considerably impacts the overall space.

Outdoor and Landscape Design

Maximizing space doesn’t stop at your front door of a 5 Marla house design. Utilize outdoor space effectively by creating an outdoor oasis that complements your interior design. Establish a seamless indoor-outdoor flow, and consider vertical gardens or rooftop gardens for an extra touch of greenery.

Alternative Options

House construction is considered a difficult task to accomplish. This is the reason that many people are reluctant to start building a new home from scratch. Maybe they have budgeting issues to hire an architect to give them the best design or expert construction companies.

If you are in this complex situation, you can buy an already built 5 marla house with an optimum design. There are various 5 marla houses for sale in Lahore, which you can find on different online platforms. You can also contact the local property dealers to give you the best suggestions.

But even if you buy a built 5 Marla house in Lahore or other areas like Johar town, Bahria town, DHA or any other place, you must consider all the points we have written above. This way, you will definitely buy the right option and the best 5 marla house design.


Building a house nowadays in Pakistan is quite an expensive thing to do. Generally, middle-class people spend their money to make houses in compact spaces. So, it becomes important for you to decide carefully the best 5 Marla house designs. This is how you will surely get the right space for your residence.