In the world of construction, drill machine considered one of the essential products. From plumbing to electrical works and for multiple civil tasks, you will need drill machine to perform various activities. Depending upon your needs and requirements, they come in different shapes, models, and designs.

If you are considering a drill machines purchase, you must know all the crucial factors revolving around it. Types, dimensions, features, sizes, and drill machine prices in Pakistan are some of the top points you should remember. We’ll discuss all of them in this blog post for your better understanding.

Understanding Drill Machines

A drill machine is a unique tool that has been designed to make holes in different materials, including wood, cement, walls, etc. It contains a powerful motor, arm, chuck, head, and spindle as its important parts. All these parts are used to make holes and have different functions.

Factors to Consider While Buying a Drill Machine

1). Power and Voltage

The first step is to consider the power of the machine and its voltage. If it aligns with your requirements, you can only purchase it.

2). Chuck Size

Chuck size is something that is quite important for drill machines. Select one that is more compatible with various drill bits.

3). Speed Settings

There are some companies that are offering drill machines with variable speed settings. So purchase that one which has different speed options.

4). Brand and Quality

You never buy a drill machine regularly. So, always select the top brand offering the best quality machines.

5). Weight

You must also consider the weight of the machine to ensure it fits properly in your hands. Choose a drill with the ideal weight for your tasks.

6). Drill Machine Price in Pakistan

Different brands offer different drill prices in Pakistan. Choose one under your budget and have a good quality motor.

Popular Drill Machine Brands in Pakistan

Although there are a lot of companies selling drill machine in Pakistan, Ferm, and Milwaukee are thought to be the best ones. Here, we have a piece of good news: TameerEasy Store provides you with the opportunity to buy drill machines from both these reputable brands with incredible quality. We’re also selling cutters and chisels as per your needs at amazing rates with free home delivery.

Drill Machine Maintenance and Care

  • After using the drill machines, clean the exterior of it to remove any dust or debris to avoid any inconvenience for further use.
  • Inspect the chuck of the machine regularly, especially after using it, for its smooth functioning.
  • Always make sure that drill bits are in good condition. Inspect it before use; if it is worn out or has any other problem, replace it with a new one.
  • Some moveable parts in the disk drill machines, like the gearbox and bearing, require proper lubrication to perform perfectly.
  • Always store the drill machines in a dry place at normal temperature. In this way, you can avoid any malfunctioning.
  • Never use a drill machines for tasks that are out of its limits. Try not to put unnecessary load on it. It will keep its motor in good condition.

Drill Machine Prices in Pakistan

Here are some of the updated prices that the TameerEasy Store is offering you:

  • Ferm Angle Grinder (2300W)                                PKR 35,700
  • Ferm Demolition Hammer (1200W)                      PKR42,160
  • Milwaukee Combination Hammer Drill Machine PKR196,682
  • Milwaukee Cordless Cutter                                     PKR198,719


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Final Thoughts

In the construction world, a drill machine is quite a valuable tool that helps you perform many tasks. If you want to buy your product, you must know all the factors mentioned above to get the original and the right product. Drill machine prices in Pakistan keep on changing due to economic uncertainty and government taxes, so don’t wait and buy today.

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