The construction of the house involves a lot of activities, including foundation, grey structure, electrical work, interior & exterior designing and plumbing works. All of these have their own importance in the construction. Here, we’ll specifically talk about the plumbing work. Unplasticised polyvinyl chloride (UPVC) pipes are quite frequently used to handle plumbing-related tasks.

UPVC pipes are considered the best option for several jobs, such as supply lines, drainage pipes, and sewerage pipes. They are optimal for cold and hot water, so the contractors and house builders prefer the UPVC-material pipes installed during construction. Moreover, they have excellent rust and corrosion-free material and are known for durability and strength.

In this comprehensive blog, we’ll study different aspects of UPVC pipes, including their properties, their benefits in plumbing, tips for using UPVC, and answers to several common questions related to their usage. Do read this blog post until the end if you are working in the construction sector as a contractor or a builder or are going to construct a house of your own.

What are UPVC Pipes?

Unplasticised polyvinyl chloride pipes are made of rigid plastic, which is the best material for strength and durability. Traditional PVC pipes used in the recent past used to have several plasticisers added to make them rigid. This way, they used to get rigid but lose a lot of strength and rust-resistance properties.

Modern pipes don’t have such plasticisers added, which helps them last longer when installed in houses. They have resins, additives, fillers, and stabilisers mixed in them while manufacturing. This helps them gain more strength and provide the best output for longer periods of time.

Properties of UPVC Pipes

1). Durability

Regarding plumbing, durability and strength are the most important factors. Plumbing works and pipelines are most often done under walls, floors, or ceilings, so they need to be strong enough to last a long time. They are the most durable plumbing solutions. They are rust—and corrosion-free and don’t deform with hot and cold water.

2). Corrosion Resistance

Another issue faced by plumbing pipes is corrosion. Various types of water flow through pipes, including sewerage and supply lines. Pipes must remain resistant to all types of flow. They serve this purpose by not getting corroded while ensuring reliability and performance.

3). Light-Weight

Compared to traditional PVC pipes, UPVCs are much lighter. This means that they can be easily transported, handled, and installed in your house. Due to their lightness, their labour and installation costs are also lower. Therefore, they present a fantastic option, especially for residential purposes.

4). Insulation

Another critical property of these pipes is their excellent insulation. They can maintain the temperature of water flowing in them for longer. Installing these strong pipes in your homes helps you reduce energy costs. Especially in the winter, when people use geysers to keep water warm, UPVC helps keep the temperature uniform.

Advantages of Using UPVC Pipes

1). Low Maintenance

As mentioned earlier, UPVC pipes are quite durable, reliable, and rust-free. Due to this, there remains very little risk of leakage and pipe failures. Therefore, if you install UPVC-material pipes in your homes, you will stay safe from many plumbing-related issues.

2). High Tensile Strength

Unplasticised polyvinyl chloride material is known for its high tensile strength. It means that it can resist heavy pressure put down by the water inside. Especially for underground and under wall installations, they are the efficient option. They will bear the pressure without getting leaked or failing.

3). Chemical Resistance

UPVC pipes are highly chemical resistant, making them suitable for commercial and residential uses. They maintain their performance and structural integrity, whether exposed to acidic or alkaline substances. Similarly, they can efficiently handle the temperature of the water flowing through them.

4). Cost Effectiveness

There are many alternative materials, like copper or metal pipes, available in the market. Compared to them, pipes made by the UPVC material are cost-effective and have low installation and maintenance costs. So, using UPVC material in your homes will save you a lot of money.

Installation and Maintenance Tips

1). Plan the Layout

Planning the complete layout for the plumbing system is highly important. You must always know the connections, bends, and fixtures and then install the pipes according to the overall layout. This will ensure the smooth integration of pipes in the system.

2). Using Right Tools

Although quite strong and durable, pipes are made of plastic. Therefore, it is essential to use the right tools and materials to install them. Use tools suitable for UPVC material to cut, join and secure the pipe ends.

3). Ensuring Proper Alignment

All UPVC pipes and fittings should be properly aligned and installed. Especially when installing them underground, you must follow the initial layout and ensure alignment while fixing them.

4). Test for Leaks

There are a variety of tests that you can undergo after installing the pipes to check for leakage. You can either fill them with water or pressurise the overall system to inspect if there is any leakage.

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To conclude, UPVC pipes are an excellent option to meet all your plumbing needs. Whether you want pipes for residential or commercial purposes, you must choose UPVC material. Not only will you get strength and durability, but your plumbing work will also stay corrosion-free with low maintenance and installation costs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where can I buy UPVC plumbing pipes and fittings?

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What is the difference between UPVC and PVC pipes?

Unplasticised polyvinyl chloride (UPVC) pipes are made of rigid plastic, which is the best material for strength and durability. Traditional PVC pipes used in the recent past used to have several plasticisers added to make them rigid.

Modern UPVC pipes don’t have such plasticisers added, which helps them last longer when installed in houses. They are mixed with resins, additives, fillers, and stabilisers during manufacturing.

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