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Beta Solvent Reducing Bush

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Brand: Beta
Material Type: UPVC
Description: Solvent Reducing Bush
Units: PCS

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Beta presents the Solvent Reducing Bush, an indispensable element for your plumbing requirements. Strictly designed to withstand the test of time, this reducing bush guarantees a secure and impermeable link between pipelines of varying diameters.

Key Features

1). Precise Reduction

This reducing bush is engineered to facilitate a seamless transition between various pipe diameters by providing an accurate and uninterrupted fit. As a result, it guarantees optimal flow and reduces pressure loss.

2). Leak-Proof Seal

This reducing bush establishes an exceptionally tight and leak-proof seal between pipelines, thereby averting water ingress and guaranteeing dependable operation of your plumbing systems.

3). Durable Construction

It is constructed from premium materials and exhibits remarkable robustness and longevity, ensuring steadfast dependability across many plumbing applications.

4). Simple Installation

The reducing bush’s design facilitates a straightforward and effortless installation process, conserving valuable time and energy throughout plumbing endeavors.

5). Adaptable to a Diverse Selection

It is adaptable and versatile, making it appropriate for various plumbing installations.


Improve your plumbing systems with the Beta Solvent Reducing Bush. Whether one is engaged in industrial, commercial, or residential construction, this reducing bush guarantees a safe and effective union between pipelines of varying diameters.


Maintain performance and quality without compromise. Invest in the Solvent Reducing Bush from our Tameereasy store immediately to observe its profound impact on your plumbing endeavors. Our top priority is your satisfaction. Improve your plumbing installations to the next level by placing your order now.

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110x50mm, 110x82mm


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