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Ezymix Cement Base Wall Putty


Brand: Ezymix
Description: Cement Base Wall Putty
Product Code: EM- 068
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TameerEasy‘s Ezymix White Cement Base Wall Putty is a superior ready-to-use premix plaster that will improve your wall finish. This cement-based wall putty is designed for both indoor and outdoor use and offers an ideal substrate for paints, textures, and conventional painting techniques.

Key Features

1). Ready-to-use convenience

Ezymix Wall Putty’s ready-to-use premix plaster recipe makes wall preparation easier. Say goodbye to the headaches of on-site mixing and enjoy a hassle-free application.

2). Versatile Application

This wall putty is a versatile solution for both indoor and exterior walls. It is an excellent foundation for various finishes, including paints, textures, and traditional painting methods.

3). Smooth and seamless finish.

Ezymix White Cement Base Wall Putty provides a smooth and faultless surface. It provides an ideal canvas for your selected paints and textures, creating a smooth and visually beautiful finish.

4). Durable Substrate

This wall putty’s cement-based composition makes it a long-lasting and sturdy substrate for wall treatments. Ezymix provides a dependable base for your painted and textured walls, ensuring their endurance.

5). Ideal for both internal and external use.

Whether you’re renovating your living room or improving the exterior facade, this wall putty is suitable for both indoor and external applications and provides a consistent and high-quality outcome.

Technical Data

  • Appearance: White Powder
  • Composition: Contains cement and selected aggregates along with additives.
  • Maximum Aggregate Size: 18 mesh
  • Water Application: 35-40 %
  • Dry Density: 1500-1600 Kg/m3
  • Wet Mix Life: Approximately < 2 hours @ 25⁰C
  • Coverage Volume: 15-20 m²/Kg/Coat @ 1.0-1.5 mm THICK

Transform your walls into a canvas of perfection with Ezymix White Cement Base Wall Putty. Experience the convenience of a ready-to-use solution that simplifies your wall preparation and ensures a flawless and durable finish. Trust in the reliability and quality of TameerEasy’s Ezymix for your construction needs.

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