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KingRep 60T


Brand: KingKrete
Description: KingRep 60T
Unit: 25KG Bag

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Introducing “KingRep 60T” from the renowned “KingKrete” – the ultimate option for effective, long-lasting concrete repairs. This product, packaged neatly in a 25 kg bag, is designed to work exceptionally well in various applications.

KingRep 60T, created by KingKrete, is a high-performance one-component cementitious repair mortar designed to meet a variety of repair requirements. Its medium build and high strength provide unparalleled longevity and dependability, making it a top choice for pros and enthusiasts.

Key Features

1). Medium Build Strength

Engineered with a medium build strength, this repair mortar offers optimal adhesion and compatibility with various surfaces, resulting in long-lasting results that can endure variable stress levels.

2). High-Strength Performance

With its high-strength composition, KingRep 60T provides remarkable load-bearing capacity and structural integrity, ensuring that repaired areas maintain their original strength and integrity over time.

3). Variable application. Thickness

This repair mortar has thicknesses ranging from 10 to 20 mm, allowing you to address a wide range of repair depths with a single product.

4). Ease of Use

This product also features a simple application allowing seamless and hassle-free repairs. Its consistency and workability make project execution more efficient, saving time and effort.

Whether dealing with small cracks, major damage, or structural flaws, KingRep 60T provides unrivalled strength, flexibility, and reliability. Trust KingKrete’s skill and experience to make long-lasting repairs with KingRep 60T, the best choice for professionals looking for exceptional repair solutions.

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