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Plasco Elbow Female

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Brand:Plasco PPRC fitting
Material Type: PPRC
Description:Elbow Female
Units: PCS

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Here is Plasco’s PPRC Elbow Female, which is the best plumbing solution for you.

Our PPRC Elbow Female is built to meet the top standards in the industry and performs exceptionally well and reliably. We’re happy to offer the PPRC Elbow Female in seven different sizes so you can find one that fits your needs perfectly. Pick one of these sizes:

  • 25-1/2″
  • 25-3/4″
  • 32-1/2″
  • 32-3/4″
  • 32×1″
  • 40×1″
  • 40×1-1/4″


Durable Construction

The PPRC Elbow Female is made from high-quality PPRC material, which makes it very strong and long-lasting. It can handle the stresses of different plumbing jobs.

Leak-Proof Connection

The elbow’s carefully thought-out design ensures the link is tight and doesn’t leak. It also creates a strong joint that reduces the chance of water leaks and ensures the pipe system works well.

Temperature and Pressure Resistance

The PPRC Elbow can handle high and low temperatures and resist changes in pressure, so it works reliably in many different situations.

With the PPRC Elbow from Plasco, you can make your water systems work better and more efficiently. Choose Plasco for quality and dependability that you can’t beat.

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25-1/2", 25-3/4", 32-1/2", 32-3/4", 32×1", 40×1", 40×1-1/4"


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