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Plasco Socket

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Brand: Plasco Electric Conduit Fitting
Material Type: U-PVC
Description: Socket
Units: PCS

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Presenting the UPVC Socket, a Plasco-designed fitting specifically for electric conduit. The product is available in three dimensions in our web store: 1 inch, 3/4 inch, and 2 inches.

The UPVC Socket is a dependable and adaptable option for your electrical conduit requirements. This socket is designed with meticulous attention to detail and fabricated with top-notch UPVC material, ensuring outstanding longevity and efficiency.

Key Features

1). Premium Quality

The UPVC Socket is made from high-quality UPVC material, guaranteeing exceptional durability and corrosion resistance. This product endures challenging environmental conditions and offers dependable safeguarding for your electrical conduits.

2). Enhanced Safety

The UPVC Socket prioritises the safety of your electrical installations, providing enhanced security options. It offers a secure and snug connection, reducing the likelihood of cable breakage and assuring the best possible performance.

3). Low Maintenance

The UPVC Socket has the quality of very little maintenance, providing long-term dependability and saving you time and exertion. The sturdy structure guarantees its ability to endure the passage of time.

Enhance your electrical conduit installations by utilising the UPVC Socket offered by Plasco. Discover the exceptional quality, long-lasting durability, and effortless installation this high-grade electric conduit fitting offers. Place your trust in TameerEasy and in the exceptional performance of our product, which will enhance the efficiency and safety of your electrical systems.

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1", 3/4", 2"


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